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The War is a project dedicated to preserving the testimonies of veterans forever. With your help, we can keep these stories archived for future generations to come. Many veterans never have an opportunity to share their experience with anybody besides close friends and family. Now with the digital age among us, sharing information has never been easier.

It’s important to know what happened to the men and women of our military forces. No matter what branch of service or job title, every story is unique. We can preserve history told from the people on a first hand basis.

We will never have an opportunity again to hear these stories once a veteran is no longer among us. Lets not wait, act before it’s to late.

Our Veterans

Many of you have older relatives who served in the military. I encourage you to ask if they would be interested in being apart of this project. Just keep in mind, its very hard for many veterans to speak about war.

They may not want to be interviewed so please give them space. More than likely, many veterans would be happy to tell stories of time in service.

Capture Their Stories

You don’t need top of the line video recorders. Just bust out your smartphones and laptops to record the story. Use the interview questions provided to help guide yourself during your recording. Try to have a clean background, no clutter or mess.

Help Contribute

I am by no means making a living off of this. I have a full-time work schedule I concentrate on everyday. This is a life project of mine that will never end. No matter what happens in our lifetime you can be assured, war will happen. Tell Me About The War will always be here, waiting for testimonies from future soldiers around the world.


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